CheerWrap was coined more than a year ago with the idea that joy can be shared in the form of a slick, digitally 'wrapped' package. In its simplest definition of what we do - we're a digital gifting platform that allows you to send, store and redeem e-gift cards using your mobile device.

Discover a whole new way to gift, share and connect with people that matter.



The evolution of technology has created opportunities for serious innovation and the digital channel is being reshaped, as are the experiences we deliver through it. As a solutions-driven company, we wanted to be part of this movement and contribute to molding it.

To that end, we will strive to deliver on our promise to delight customers and partners alike by crafting a gifting experience like no other. There will be inevitable improvements along the way and we want you to know that with your feedback, we'll always be refining the CheerWrap experience for you.


We are a humble team of imaginative doers who are passionate about creating the kind of wonder that will hopefully revolutionize customer experiences. As a privately held, entrepreneurial company based in Singapore, we started from the ground up and the inspiration that began as a conversation has now become the story of our brand. Each of our endeavors is guided by a strong sense of creative flair and technical rigor, which we hope will translate into meaning and value for our customers.


At our core, we are a culture of thinkers and creators. Always tinkering, always experimenting, we fashion new ways to get inspired. Hard work and great challenges have always been part of the process but the meaningful reward we get is motivation to keep us going. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

The fabric of our culture has always been shaped by our values and it is these core principles that form the basis for all decisions made within the four walls of our company. Just a heads up, they can get contagious.


To be honest, fair and upright


We encourage dynamic roles that intersect, collaborate and evolve everyday.


The lifeblood of our brand comes from passion and enthusiasm

Innovation & Change

We believe that change is implicit to innovation. At CheerWrap, we strive to push the limits of knowledge by discovering new ways to create experiences that are unique and remarkable for you.

Adventurous & Authentic

Sometimes, we take risks and embrace where it takes us, while staying true to our roots and having a genuine approach in everything we do.


Our definition of excellence is when we demand more of us than you do. It isn’t perfection, but the pursuit of doing something that we believe in and that its value is the basis for our commitment.