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What You Get When You Sign Up

There's so much to love about CheerWrap.
Here are the benefits of being a partner.

Open 24 Hours

Sell even when your shops are not open for business.

Secured platforms

We use a highly secured platform to maintain proper redemption and payments.

Transaction reports

Monthly reports are enabled to help you monitor your gift card transactions.

Go Digital

Complementing your current gift voucher strategy, we can help revitalise your business’s gifting experience by transitioning into digital.

Acquire new customers

Build your customer base by customising promotions via our Value Wraps platform. So if you would like to offer exciting promos for the festive season or just to spread joy, we’ve got it covered.

No upfront costs

No monthly fees. Just a nominal charge with every purchase. We’re all about performance.

We've Got You Covered

Setting up CheerWrap is easy. All you require is a smart phone to download our free app and you can enjoy a paper free gift voucher system.

Every new business that signs up will receive a starter kit that will help you train your employees and promote our gifting options to your customers.

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We're here to help with all your queries. Get support by calling our business development team at +65 8822 7672 or email at sales@cheerwrap.com.