Discover CheerWrap

We Make Gifting a Whole Lot More Fun

CheerWrap is an exciting new platform that allows you to send, store and redeem your electronic gift cards using your smart phone. It combines the convenience of online shopping and the love of gift giving.

And because CheerWrap is in your phone, your gifts aren’t just immediate.

They’re intimate.


A Simpler,
Smarter Way To Give

We take our business of making people happy seriously. So we’ve set out to make it more awesome to use by creating a digital wallet within our app. When you’re a member, monetary credit can be stored for future purchases. And anytime you want to buy your friend a gift, all you need to do is access their wish list and we’ve got you covered.



Rewarding You When You Shop With Us

Earn CheerBucks, our points reward system with every purchase you make and use them for additional savings when you buy your next gift card.

The more you spend, the more you earn. It’s that easy.


Connect and Be Even More Personal

Our app isn’t just about gifting.

Each user has their own profile page. But it’s so much more than just a biography. It’s a place where you can browse your friend’s likes and be notified of their birthdays. It takes the connection you have with your friends and loved ones to a whole new level.